Ronan's Retaliators Mercenary (Iron Kingdoms)

Leaving Corvis

Session 1

After being betrayed in Corvis, the party would be forced to flee, making their way down the Dragon’s Tongue River. Having left with the clothes and weapons on their back they were forced to make a stop in a small town called Elesh. The party would be promptly greeted by the local orphans’ leader that tried to con them of a few coins. The captain would easily dispatch the child and the group would make their way to the dock master to pay for their time at the dock. Eiryss, the elven female would quickly make her way to the bar, soon followed by the Captain and his lieutenant. There they would learn of the local ale company that had taken over the town were in a bit of trouble as the other three members Swyfer, Bartan, and Delta took their leave to see if they could gain entrance to the ale companies brewing plant. They would be promptly turned down and sent away by two aggressive guards. On the way back to the River Cow, the local tavern, the three would meet up with the Captain and the rest of the crew, pleasantly surprised that they were being lead to the brewing house they would turn and head back. The group would learn that the company known as the Dragon’s Belch Ale Company had run into a snag as the boat they normally used had gone missing and a new transport was needed. The captain would work with the company owner, Mr. Huldring to come up with a contract for the group to transport the ale to Five Fingers for the upcoming brew festival and would even throw in a bit extra for the group if the ale came in first place. The group would agree to the deal of 320 gold crowns and barrel of ale for completing the contract in time. The day would be uneventful as the ale was loaded up onto the groups’ barge. That night Swyfer, Bartan, and Delta would go to the local tavern to start a drinking contest. Swyfer would be the first to fall to their drinking game after the fifth tankard, the others making it to their ninth tankard before the lieutenant would walk in to coral the three back to the boat. He would have to carry the passed out Swyfer back to the boat as the other two stumbled about and sang dwarven drinking songs at the top of their lungs, waking a few of the locals in the process. Upon arriving at the boat the Captain would get a briefing that the group had not been banned from the town while Bartan and Delta would go on to prank Swyfer, stealing and hiding away his pants and coating his face with coal marking. Eiryss would be the first up, followed by the lieutenant, both keeping watch for any trouble. The Captain would wake up next, making sure his belongings were squared away before waking the rest of the crew, finding only the dwarf Bartan had awaken from the three that went out drinking the night before, proceeding to awaken the last two members with the flat of his sword and rapier. The group would soon be confronted with a few rather angry sailors who were supposed to have the job that the group had taken from them. The group would quickly make three of the angry sailors surrender and dispatch the other two, taking what little belongings the three survivors had before setting sail down the Dragon’s Tongue River. Not long on the river the group would be confronted by a small vessel, a few pirates trying to brave their luck and plunder the groups vessel. The pirates would attack as the group was heading down a narrow strait of the river, but were quickly outclassed by the group as they easily killed all the pirates. The group would continue to travel down the river for the next few days before coming to port at Fisherbrook to load up the next bit of ale. While stopped in Fisherbrook, Swyfer would decide that while the captain would pray to Marrow he would go to the local tavern and have a few drinks against the captains’ orders. Swyfer would be offered the position of mayor as no one in the town would take up the mantel after the last mayor had resigned, leaving the port under military rule. Swyfer decided that he wasn’t fit for mayor so he would bring the one offering him the position back to the boat to talk to the Captain, who had arrived back at the boat before Swyfer. Swyfer would talk himself into a corner as he would be caught having been at the tavern to drink and not find out information, resulting in a flogging by the lieutenant for disobeying orders once again.



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