Delta Montague

Human Female Arcane/Field Mechanik



Base Physical Stats

PHY: 5
Spd: 6
Str: 4
AGI: 3
Prw: 4
Poi: 4
INT: 5
ARC: 4
Per: 3
Willpower: 10

Weapon/Defensive/mis. Stats

Melee weapon:
Hand weapon: Fail
Mat total: 5
Pow+Str: 8
Note: Special Rules: Attacks from flails ignore ARM bonuses from
bucklers and shields.

Total Def: 11
Total Arm: 13
Special note: while wearing her armor she has immunity to fire and all continus effects.

Initiative: 13
Command Range: 12"



Hand Weapon (Prw): 6
Mechanikal engineering: 7
craft (metal working): 7
craft (gun smithing): 6
detection (per): 3
sneak (agl): 3
Command (social): 7
Negotiation: (relevant stat that GM determines)+1


Inscribe formulae
’Jack Marshal
Hit the deck

spell name| cost|range|Aoe|Pow|up|off

Arcantrik Bolt| 2 | 10 | – |12|no| yes
note: when this spell hits a steamjack it is unable to move for a round

Polarity shield| 2 | 6 | – |-| yes| no
note: Target character cannot be targeted by a charge made by a character in his front arc.

Current Gear

Delta’s-Light Labor Jack “Teapot”
Mechanik’s Kit
Arcane etching Kit


Physical Description

Height: 5’4"
weight: 110lbs
Hair: Light Brown
Eye color: left/right light-green/Amber
Skin tone: white
Body built: Slim


Family History
It all starts with Frank Montague and Scrappy. Frank is Delta father and Scrappy (a gobber) her god-father talked there way into a card game with several Cygnarian nobles, Prolific business men, and high ranking military officials. They gambled there collective life savings and won, and won and kept winning. On the final hand they won the 600,000CR pot but one noble wanted to go one more hand and betted a large track of land on a river that included a delta that he was going to build a summer home on. The Noble had a full house, Frank had a Straight flush. He won the pot and the deed.

Frank and Scrappy built a scrap yard where people pay them to take the scrap and then they retro fit “junked” equipment and making work like new for cheap and sell it to mercs, or the military or private companies. They also take the unsalvageable stuff and melt it down and sell it to factories. Frank and Scrappy are now the richest Scrappers in Cygnar.

Family Structure

Frank Montague=Father
Samantha Montague=mother
Uno Montague=oldest Brother
Dos Equies “XX” Montague=2nd eldest brother
Trey Montague=eldest sister
Delta Montague=Middle child
Quint Montague=younger brother
Sexton Montague= Youngest brother
Seven Montague= Youngest daughter

Scrapper=godfather to all the Montague childern


Outwardly worships Marrow
truly worship Cyriss the goddess of gears

Delta Montague

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