Ronan's Retaliators Mercenary (Iron Kingdoms)

Session 2
The mercenary company had made port at the third city, a rather large town located on the Ord side of the Dragon’s Tongue River. This having been enough time for the troll Rackzul and the two order of the Golden Crucible guards to wake up from the incident in Corvis. The Captain would send Delta and Bartan to sell off the extra equipment to a local merchant, trying to haggle a better deal, but not making much the two would sell off the extra equipment. Swyfer had run off to the local tavern to grab a drink, disobeying his captain’s orders once again. Rackzul, feeling well enough to get out and move about, would make his way to the local alchemy shop. All would be under orders by their captain to make it back before the ale had been loaded up, given a two hour shore leave from the boat. Swyfer would leave the tavern as Delta and Bartan would be walking by from their successful selling of the equipment, finding out that Swyfer had been drinking. They would demand that Swyfer pay up for not paying them last time and Swyfer would start to try and trick them, saying that he wasn’t drinking. Delta and Bartan would see through this and begin to argue with Swyfer as Rackzul would swiftly make his way back to the boat. Rackzul would relay to the Captain Ronan that he had spotted the three at the tavern. While Rackzul was reporting to the Captain, the three were nearly finished striking a deal. Swyfer was to pay up in full and more for the debts he owed to Delta and Bartan, in exchange for them not telling the Captain as to where he had been, unfortunately for Swyfer, the captain had arrived right as the three had finished talking. Captain Ronan could smell the alcohol on the breath of Swyfer as he spoke, to greet their captain. The captain would quickly rush the three back to the boat and gave leave for Eiryss to go to the local alchemy shop to pick up supplies as well. Swyfer would be stripped of his clothing and tied to the mast to look out for storms as punishment for disobeying the captain once again. The young elf, never seeming to learn his lesson, was made to look out for storms while tied naked to the mast. He would be left there till Ronan would feel he had been tied up long enough before cutting him off and letting him get dressed.

The boat would be on the river for a few more days before making port once again at the last town, a small little storage port, a place for many to keep cargo for later transport. The ports dock workers would get to work immediately, loading the cargo as fast as possible, to help get the company off to Five Fingers. Swyfer looking for a drink once again would ask on of the local dock workers about a tavern, finding that the tavern was closed due to a rat infestation. He would try and succeed in conning an off duty dock worker in getting a drink from the man’s flask. Though the ever vigilant eye of Captain Ronan would catch Swyfer, never letting on till Swyfer was back on board before confronting him about it. Though no punishment was rewarded to the elf, he was given harsh words and a warning the next time his punishment would be severe.

The company would make their way down the Dragon’s Tongue River, managing good time as Captain Ronan would easily cut time on the trip as he navigated the river with ease. Quickly making sure that the boat did not run aground on one of the many sand bars that plagued the waterways , narrowly avoiding being hit by a few of the larger boats that were headed upstream. Captain Ronan would dock the boat, allowing the two guards of the Dragon’s Belch Ale to find the warehouse for the company and tell them of the delivery. A small army of labor jacks and workers would come to the boat, swiftly moving the massive barrels of ale off the barge and into the warehouse while the group helped stand guard. After unloading all the ale, the two guards would guide Captain Ronan and several of the men to the executor at the bank to receive payment for their work. The group would gladly accept their payment and be asked if they would like to work for the Union, a syndicate organization under the High Captain Jannish Riordan. Captain Ronan would turn down the offer, having his crew make their way back to the dock he would let all his crew know that they were off duty now and the drinking ban was lifted, though he asked that all would accompany him in escorting the two Golden Crucible guards back to their base. They would all make their way to Doleth Island, also known as Dicer Island for the Tharamite Scion that was created there. The company would find themselves at a string of warehouses that had looked like they were combined into one massive warehouse. This was where the Order of the Golden Crucible had set up a major operation base in Five Fingers. The company was quickly escorted in and lead to one of the head alchemist overseeing the operations of the order in Five Fingers. The head alchemist was an elf, raised here in Five Fingers, slender in figure though seemed to have a bit of soot on his face. The elf would hurry them through the busy building, the alchemist running around, inventorying supplies, working on formulas, and even cleaning beakers and test tubes. The office the company was escorted to was a bit of a clutter as the elf introduced himself as Falael. He seemed rather sullen about the situation in Corvis but was happy to know that the cryxian cortex had not fallen into the hands of the corrupt watch captain. Though he couldn’t give the company a mercenary charter himself, he would do everything he could to help them along, including providing them jobs to help garner a reputation for their charter and even suitable quarters for them to stay at while in Five Fingers.

As the company finished talking, Captain Ronan would give his men leave to explore the city at their leisure. Lieutenant Galt would make his way to a small tavern to grab food and a drink from the long trip while Captain Ronan would make his way to the temple of Marrow to pray and offer help in tidying up the shabby temple. Eiryss and Rackzul would stay at the Order of the Golden Crucible to learn more of the Orders operation and even agreeing upon becoming members of the Order to help further their knowledge in the ways of alchemy. Delta would convince Bartan to come along with her as she would head out into the city to search for a mechanics shop while Swyfer would make his way to a tavern close by. Delta out on a search to find some information would talk to one of the local shop keeps who soon found her to be rather odd and a bit crazy after her question. She would be turned away at the mentioning of her quest and sulk before resorting to trying and finding Swyfer to make his day miserable as well. Bartan being dragged along not seeming to like what was happening, though at the mention of being bought a drink would reluctantly follow along. The two would find the tavern Swyfer was at, seeing him swooning a barmaid as he casually sipped ale. Delta, getting it in her mind to get some revenge, would walk up and sit down at the table with Swyfer, prompting a few awkward looks from both Swyfer and the barmaid. Bartan would make his way to the bar to order a drink wouldn’t seem to pay them much mind as Delta would begin to try and ruin Swyfer’s fun only to fall prey to the sweet talking of Swyfer. Not thinking much of it, Delta would soon be drinking the ales that Swyfer was getting her, falling into a stupor as she was becoming infatuated with Swyfer. It was rather fortunate for Delta the Eiryss was in the area and had walked in to the tavern. Seeing the mess Eiryss would stop Delta from making an embarrassment of herself and take the drunk Delta back to the ship, though not after being given a good idea from Swyfer to teach her a lesson. Swyfer would stay at the tavern, having been invited by the barmaid for some late night fun while Bartan would make his way back to the boat after a couple of drinks with Eiryss and a passed out drunk Delta.

The next morning, Captain Ronan would find out what had happened the previous night, not seeming happy with what all had come to pass from what Eiryss had explained. Delta would wake the next morning with a rather horrible hangover, feeling a rather cool breeze, she had noticed her pants were missing and she would begin to search till she made her way on deck having heard the familiar voice of Swyfer who had just returned to the boat. Delta was enraged at him for what he had done and ordered her labor jack to throw him into the water. As her jack activated the loud sound of ripping would be heard, the overalls Delta was missing ripping as they had been placed at the labor jack’s legs. The sound waking up Lieutenant Galt who would come up on deck to watch as Swyfer was picked up by the labor jack and thrown overboard. Swyfer would fall into the water, hitting it hard with a sand bar just two feet down, making his landing rather rough on his rear. Captain Ronan, disapproving of both of their actions would have stern words for them, telling them both that they should be ashamed of their actions towards each other. At this time, Rackzul would arrive at the boat, finding Captain Ronan standing in the water on the sand bar as Swyfer floated in the water. The trollkin having spent the morning enjoying a bit of tea from the Inn they were allowed to stay at. Soon all of the company would learn that there were to be on duty during the festival as the captain would say he was going to set out to find them work as several could not behave themselves while off duty.
Leaving Corvis
Session 1

After being betrayed in Corvis, the party would be forced to flee, making their way down the Dragon’s Tongue River. Having left with the clothes and weapons on their back they were forced to make a stop in a small town called Elesh. The party would be promptly greeted by the local orphans’ leader that tried to con them of a few coins. The captain would easily dispatch the child and the group would make their way to the dock master to pay for their time at the dock. Eiryss, the elven female would quickly make her way to the bar, soon followed by the Captain and his lieutenant. There they would learn of the local ale company that had taken over the town were in a bit of trouble as the other three members Swyfer, Bartan, and Delta took their leave to see if they could gain entrance to the ale companies brewing plant. They would be promptly turned down and sent away by two aggressive guards. On the way back to the River Cow, the local tavern, the three would meet up with the Captain and the rest of the crew, pleasantly surprised that they were being lead to the brewing house they would turn and head back. The group would learn that the company known as the Dragon’s Belch Ale Company had run into a snag as the boat they normally used had gone missing and a new transport was needed. The captain would work with the company owner, Mr. Huldring to come up with a contract for the group to transport the ale to Five Fingers for the upcoming brew festival and would even throw in a bit extra for the group if the ale came in first place. The group would agree to the deal of 320 gold crowns and barrel of ale for completing the contract in time. The day would be uneventful as the ale was loaded up onto the groups’ barge. That night Swyfer, Bartan, and Delta would go to the local tavern to start a drinking contest. Swyfer would be the first to fall to their drinking game after the fifth tankard, the others making it to their ninth tankard before the lieutenant would walk in to coral the three back to the boat. He would have to carry the passed out Swyfer back to the boat as the other two stumbled about and sang dwarven drinking songs at the top of their lungs, waking a few of the locals in the process. Upon arriving at the boat the Captain would get a briefing that the group had not been banned from the town while Bartan and Delta would go on to prank Swyfer, stealing and hiding away his pants and coating his face with coal marking. Eiryss would be the first up, followed by the lieutenant, both keeping watch for any trouble. The Captain would wake up next, making sure his belongings were squared away before waking the rest of the crew, finding only the dwarf Bartan had awaken from the three that went out drinking the night before, proceeding to awaken the last two members with the flat of his sword and rapier. The group would soon be confronted with a few rather angry sailors who were supposed to have the job that the group had taken from them. The group would quickly make three of the angry sailors surrender and dispatch the other two, taking what little belongings the three survivors had before setting sail down the Dragon’s Tongue River. Not long on the river the group would be confronted by a small vessel, a few pirates trying to brave their luck and plunder the groups vessel. The pirates would attack as the group was heading down a narrow strait of the river, but were quickly outclassed by the group as they easily killed all the pirates. The group would continue to travel down the river for the next few days before coming to port at Fisherbrook to load up the next bit of ale. While stopped in Fisherbrook, Swyfer would decide that while the captain would pray to Marrow he would go to the local tavern and have a few drinks against the captains’ orders. Swyfer would be offered the position of mayor as no one in the town would take up the mantel after the last mayor had resigned, leaving the port under military rule. Swyfer decided that he wasn’t fit for mayor so he would bring the one offering him the position back to the boat to talk to the Captain, who had arrived back at the boat before Swyfer. Swyfer would talk himself into a corner as he would be caught having been at the tavern to drink and not find out information, resulting in a flogging by the lieutenant for disobeying orders once again.


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